GPS Trackers compatible with TrackStep

TrackStep is a mobile application that allows you to track different GPS/GSM trackers.

At this moment, the application is compatible with three trackers, two personal and one for vehicles.

Personal trackers

For personal GPS tracking, the application is currently compatible with the Sanav MU201 and the Sanav TrackStar III. 


This is a tiny tracker that you can use for multiple purposes, being the tracking and location of people the most obvious. You could also use it to track lugage or even have it hidden in a small vehicle, like a bike or a boat.

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TrackStar III

The TrackStar III is an older model but very capable and pretty popular tracker. Being very small you may use as a personal and asset tracker for many purposes. It has a replaceable battery and it is still sold all over the world.

Vehicle tracker

For vehicle location the application currently works with the Sanav GS818 tracker. This is a compact and robust tracker that you may install in your vehicle yourself as it is very easy to setup. The tracker provides multiple alerts that the application can handle so that you are informed at all times about the state of the device.

  Sanav GS818 Vehicle GPS Tracker

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Do you have another GPS/GSM tracker that you'd like for us to support? We are constantly working to improve the application's capabilities so tell us if you'd like to see other trackers supported so that we can consider it.