La función localizar permite saber dónde está un dispositivo de forma puntual.

Al pulsar el botón localizar se enviará un mensaje con solicitud de localización al dispositivo concreto.

Cuando el dispositivo dado responda con su posición, se almacenará la información de localización del dispositivo en ese momento y se actualizará la vista del mapa para mostrar dónde está.

En la barra de notificaciones de Android aparecerá un icono que muestra que se ha recibido un mensaje de un dispositivo.

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Según se haya configurado la aplicación, la notificación que se reciba será más o menos destacada.

Arrastrando la barra de notificaciones del teléfono se pueden ver los detalles de la misma (en este caso un mensaje de localización).

Mira los localizadores que puedes usar

Pulsando sobre la notificación se volverá a la aplicación, marcando el punto en el mapa en caso de que la notificación incluya información de localización.

Have you ever lost your luggage bags?

If you have ever lost your luggage or you've had it stolen from you, you know how much of a pain that can be.

Thousands of bags get lost every month and recovering them is not often easy. Many people normally choose to pay extra insurance to at least recover part of its value in case they don't recover the bags but you may have a better chance. By putting a small personal GPS tracker in your bags, in case they are lost, you could use your phone to try to pinpoint its location and recover them by yourself, or use that information (the bags GPS location) to alert the relevant authorities.

Current GPS devices are sensible enough that can give you their accurate location even when they don't have a direct view of the sky, that means that you can put them in a pocket of the bags and normally be able to get the precise location.

Some devices come equipped with a "spy microphone" that you can use to call the tracker and listen to the surrounding ambient sound, which can give you, or the authorities, clues on where the bags are and what is happening wherever they are. Of course the devices don't ring nor make any other sound when you call them so no one near the device is aware that you are listening.

By using our application, you can do all of the above and more, such as configure alerts to have the tracker notify you in case it moves.

Most GPS tracking solutions require you to pay a monthly fee for the service, but not TrackStep. With us, you only pay for what you use, when you use it. We don't need intermediate servers because your phone will "talk" directly to the tracker by using SMS messages. Only when you request the tracker to send a location or notification, will your mobile phone provider charge you. You may also choose to use prepaid SIM cards so that you can control exactly how much you spend.

So checkout the compatible GPS trackers to find the one that better suits you and download the application to start tracking right away!